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Conference: Ostia during WW2 - Rome, 19 Sept. 23

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

On the 19th of September 2023, Martina Marano (UCLouvain - OsTIUM) co-organizes with Dario Daffara and Marina Lo Blundo (PA-OANT) a conference in Rome, at the Academia Belgica, entitled “Ostia in guerra: tracce del secondo conflitto mondiale alla foce del Tevere”.

The conference aims to explore a period little investigated in Ostia studies, the five-year period of the Second World War. After the exaltation for the excavations of the Universal Exhibition of 1942, Ostia suddenly found itself at the centre of wartime events: the excavations were evacuated of all staff, occupied by military contingents and partially devastated by theft and acts of vandalism, while the director and inspectors worked to save the archaeological finds and archive documentation. The events of the war, long forgotten, will be evoked thanks to archive documents and physical traces still visible in the area.

Program can be found here

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