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International Conference: Urbs in Transitum (Rome-Ostia, 4-7 oct. 23)

The international Conference "Urbs in Transitum: INNOVATION AND TRADITION BETWEEN ROME AND OSTIA IN THE III CENTURY" is to be held in Rome and Ostia from the 4th to the 7th of October 2023.

Paolo Tomassini (UNamur), member of the OsTIUM project, co-organizes the event along with Alessandro D'Alessio and Claudia Tempesta (Parco archeologico di Ostia antica) and Alice Landskron and Marcello Turci (Graz Universität).

Donwload here the presentation of the conference:

UIT 2023 - présentation colloque
Download PDF • 291KB

Download here the program of the conference:

UIT 2023 - Programma del convegno
Download PDF • 5.42MB

The posters presented at the conference will be uploaded on Ostia antica's website:

The conference can be attended online, following these links:

  • 4 oct.: Istituto Storico Austriaco, Rome

  • 5 oct.: Academia Belgica, Rome

  • 6 oct.: Istituto Storico Austriaco, Rome

  • 7 oct.: Area archeologica di Ostia antica

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